About Us

Why are we different than other directory companies?

  • Our focus is on LOCALLY owned and operated businesses, not national chains or online providers. We are active in all of the local Chambers of Commerce’s
  • For users– the products are in an easy-to-read, big print, easy-to-use format with specialty guides, community information pages, maps, and yes – even white pages!!  Our covers feature local art or photography and come from contests we run locally
  • For advertisers, our advertising rates will remain the same from year to year and we provide a range of flexible payment plans.  All of our programs are bundled to provide the best representation we can give you adding up to more value and more coverage in more categories for your advertising dollars.
  • It’s more than just print Yellow Pages – all ads appear in our online directory sites and we publish high quality coupon books providing advertisers a myriad of ways to reach your customers.
  • We cover the entire market area with our print directories and coupon books, reaching every home and business in the directory coverage area.

Why print and online yellow pages?

Our directories provide superior value for LOCAL advertisers and we use call tracking to prove results! Our tracking includes details for every caller from our directories! We also receive lots of user comments from local residents. Current studies show a 15+% increase in calls over the last two years as the economy has improved and those calls are from buyers who are ready to make a LOCAL purchase.

Who we are:

Small Pond Advertising is owned by Ken and Priscilla Clark. They have had family, friends, and a home in the Port Orange area since 2000. In their opinion, the Central Florida area, especially the Port Orange and New Smyrna Beach market areas offer some of the best beaches in the state. Ken has been in the Yellow Pages print and online publishing business for over 20 years and enjoys the opportunity to work with local small businesses to help them grow their businesses The range of products the company offers brings ready-to-buy customers to their doors, phones, and websites.