Digital Marketing Services

Today there are more options than ever to spread the word about your business. From print to radio to television and now the internet, it is hard to decide how your marketing budget should be allocated to get the best exposure possible. When it comes to digital marketing, there are so many different and affordable options to reach more people than ever!

At Small Pond Advertising, we understand the differences for each way of marketing yourself online. We are pros when it comes to utilizing each digital channel to get your business more attention online. Based on your current online presence and what your business sales goals are, we can recommend any of the following digital marketing services to spread your brand name online.

Web Design and DevelopmentA website is your digital storefront. Give potential customers all the information about your business that they can access any time.

Mobile/Text MarketingReach customers on the device they spend a majority of their time on! Using text marketing and mobile marketing solutions, send customized messages to your customer lists on their mobile device.

Mobile Banner AdvertisingHave your business displayed everywhere! Since people spend much of their time on mobile devices, you want your ads to reach them in a way that is optimized for the mobile user experience.

SEO & SEMUse Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get your business listed high on search results and use Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to serve specific ads to people searching on Google.

Brand ManagementMake sure your business is represented well and accurately no matter where people are looking with Online Listings Management and Reputation Management.

Social Media MarketingCreate relationships with your customers using Social Media Marketing! Post helpful and educational content on social to connect with your audience directly.