Mobile/Text Marketing

How often does your phone go off and you ignore the message indefinitely? Never! We are incredibly connected to our phones which makes mobile marketing solutions the perfect way to reach your audience directly.

Small Pond Advertising offers many different methods of mobile and text marketing that allow you to reach into customers’ pockets and send them a message. Our mobile marketing solutions also provide perks to your customer base that act as a customer service tool. Some of the mobile marketing services we provide include:


Text Marketing
When 90% of texts are read within three minutes of being sent, why wouldn’t you send texts to your customers? Work with our consultants to create a customized text club and to create a strategy that builds your text club list full of customers ready to make a purchase.


Digital Loyalty Programs
Everyone hates carrying around stacks of plastic loyalty cards on their keychains or having wallets overstuffed with punch cards. Make life easier for your customers with a simple digital loyalty program including a virtual punch card.


Appointment Reminder Systems
Using a mobile appointment reminder system, you can ask people to confirm their appointment through text messages. This cuts down on time your receptionist has to call and confirm appointments. Another benefit is ensuring your customers make it to their appointment to save your business time and money.


Mobile Coupons
Save on printing costs by texting coupons directly to your customers. Our mobile coupons are custom designed with your colors and logo as well as any images or font you would like that matches your branding. Grab attention with an eye catching mobile coupon to encourage redemption!


Auto Responders
A mobile auto responder program will create a drip campaign for customers who are new to your text program. Auto responders are an excellent way to motivate your text club to make a purchase with your business. You can schedule messages with different special offers gradually to encourage a conversion.

Ready to reach your customers directly with affordable text marketing solutions? Contact Small Pond Advertising today!