why yellow page


CRM Associates* research and analysis of Yellow Pages value was based on over 50,000 call tracking lines covering multiple years and resulted in these key findings:

Efficient – For reaching people ready-to-buy
  • The most efficient and effective medium: Almost all users of the Yellow Pages (86% for both print and IYP) will make a purchase. No other medium is this targeted and or has as high of a follow-through.
  • Compliments online: Print YP drives 78% more leads when used with an online marketing campaign
Decision-Impacting: Helps shoppers make a decision

The majority (58%) of Yellow Pages users are actively shopping (have not already chosen a business). Even those that open up a directory with a single name in mind get curious and look at other ads – 55% of these users view other ads, and they look at 4 ads on average. Yellow Pages are frequently an advertiser’s last chance (and, in many cases, only chance) to affect a customer’s decision.

Brings in Great Customers
  • Major life events drive the need for new types of purchases.
  • The majority of customers (53%) from print or online Yellow Pages are new customers to a business.
  • Yellow Pages users (both print and online) spend 25% more than average customers for most of the top headings. The average amount spent by Yellow Pages users of the top 210 headings in 2010 was $437.
  • Because Yellow Pages ads do a great job of “pre-qualifying” customers, businesses have a strong chance of converting Yellow Pages users that contact them to paying customers. On average, while they consider 4.6 ads, users will only contact 2.0 businesses before making their final purchase decision. That translates to about a 50% “conversion” rate for every “call” or “lead” from the medium.
  • Roughly one out of ten Yellow Pages references are for business purposes.
Yellow Pages ads deliver prospects
  • The average local display ad in top headings delivers over 150 calls per year at a cost per call of $25.
  • The average in-column ad delivers over 80 calls a year at a cost per call of $10.
  • The average Internet Yellow Pages ad delivers over 90 calls per year at a cost per call of $19.
ROI: Yellow Pages ads pay for themselves many times over.

The typical local display ad (print with online) delivers $10 of sales and $3.5 of profit for every $1 spent on Yellow Pages. The values for specialty ads (covers), in-column, and trademark ads are even higher.

Relevance – Yellow Pages ads reach and influence customers!

The most powerful medium for reaching active shoppers: 1 out of 5 individuals in an active shopping mode use the Yellow Pages (print or online) for information – more, on average, than any other advertising medium.

Permission-based, Full-engagement, Highly Effective:
  • Users are fully engaged. Users pay attention to ads 100% of the time because users actively seek out the information when they have an immediate shopping need.
  • Yellow Pages ads are continuously available and reach people whenever (and wherever) they need